Fully autonomous system that does not require a specialist
3 stages of safety.
Compliance to ISO 10218 and TS 15066 patient’s operated safety switch
Dynamic 3D body control
Aesthetic body contouring.
Lymph drainage. Longevity. Sports therapy. Anticellulite treatment. Skin firming.
Hardware robotics solution -
The future of aesthetic body contouring
About us
We are constantly growing our R&D team to develop our platform of producing a range of medical equipment under the quality management system ISO-13485.

We are happy to help with tools and advice for R&D and all other aspects of our companies.
Our mission
to streamline the robotic technology that guarantees predictable results, safety and efficacy for professional body treatments.

Be #1 in Dubai who offers effective robotic body treatment for
aesthetic clinics
SPA areas
Robotization of the process ensures high accuracy of the procedure, eliminates the human factor, and the cost is reduced by up to 40%.
Robosculptor – is an aesthetic robotic body solution consisting of a module structure, control screen and a treatment couch, a high-speed 3D scanner, and a robotic drive.
The Complex allows automatically carry out aesthetic and sports treatment, and after supposed to use this technology to perform lymphatic treatment, preparation for operations and for rehabilitation.
Robosculptor’s features
Controls human body through a high-resolution 3D camera with A.I.

In real time mode, it transmits the position of the body to the executive device and adjusts protocol of treatment lines to the position of the client.

Epilation will added as one of the functionality of the complex
Unique 3D dynamic control of body positioning in real time
During the session patients inevitably change their position. That is why we need to control body positioning in real time.

The high-speed 3D camera scans the body within 10 seconds. After that a unique 3D-model of a patient is built. When the patient slightly moves, the system immediately builds a new trajectory map of the tool movement.
  • High resolution high speed ”Time-of-flight” 3D-camera
  • Collaborative robot
  • Modern embodiment
  • Wireless tablet
  • Internal server system
  • RSL-sculpting tool as default version
  • Safety joystick with safety switch and power adjustments buttons
  • Tool changer (optional)
  • Laser hair removal tool (R&D pending)
  • Loudspeakers
  • Automatic dynamic patient’s 3D-model building according to dimensions and pre-scanned 3D body shape
  • Protocols included: Aesthetic - Lymphatic drainage - slimming, anticellulite. Sport - muscle toning, fitness. Wellness - relaxation, swollen legs protocol.
  • Wireless tablet operation
  • Voice guide
  • Dynamic recognition of the patient's pose
  • Dynamic tool-map correction
  • Web-server system
  • CRM-ready
  • Automatic body position recognition.
Robosculptor platform is suitable for many non-invasive body treatments, that require positioning of human body in real time. I.e. medical massage, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation. It is a matter of a tool that may be attached to the platform.

That is why we invite manufacturers of aesthetic equipment to cooperation in order to join efforts in customisation and market reach.

In progress:
  • Tool changer
  • Treatment protocols editor
  • Аlternative design version
Hardware features of the platform
Software features of the platform:
The system of automated preparation of the treatment complex and its disinfection
High requirements for the safety of human interaction
Body position control with a 3D camera
High accuracy of adherence to the protocols of the procedure
Comfortable atmosphere: air temperature, couches, background music and lighting
Taking into account individual characteristics
Continuous monitoring of the safe distance between humans and robotic systems
Automation of the specialist's work
Condition research of the stromal cell constituent in subcutaneous adipose tissue during therapy with a non-invasive Beautylizer Therapy Cosmospheres medical treatment device
Subject of scientific research
Svetlana Pervykh, M.D.
Histologist, ophthalmologist
Administrator makes a check-up analysis of the patient.
Checking for contradictions
Selection of the appropriate program
procedure starts
How it goes
Supporting frame
with drive and robotic arm-manipulator
Manual remote wired
emergency Stop button
and parameter adjustments
Emergency stop
Music audio system
Comfortable noise and
light screens on the sides (optional)
Couch dimensions
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