Fully autonomous system that does not require a specialist
3 stages of safety.
Compliance to ISO 10218 and TS 15066 patient’s operated safety switch
Dynamic 3D body control
Aesthetic body contouring.
Lymph drainage. Longevity. Sports therapy. Anticellulite treatment. Skin firming.
Hardware robotics solution -
The future of aesthetic body contouring
The Complex allows automatically carry out aesthetic and sports treatment, and after supposed to use this technology to perform lymphatic treatment, preparation for operations and for rehabilitation.
Robotization of the process ensures high accuracy of the procedure, eliminates the human factor, and the cost is reduced by up to 40%.
Robosculptor is an aesthetic robotic body solution consisting of a module structure, control screen and a treatment couch, a high-speed 3D scanner, and a robotic drive.
Possible use of robotic massage complexes in the medical rehabilitation programs for the patients with injuries and musculoskeletal disorders
Eremushkin M.A., Ledenkov D.A.
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