Reshaping the Way We Get Physiotherapy

We present to the world an innovation in the industry of body shaping, cosmetology and health care – it’s Robosculptor.

We present to the world an innovation in the industry of body shaping, cosmetology and health care – it’s Robosculptor. A fully automated suite powered by an artificial intelligence platform.

Removes cellulite more effectively than any other device on the market and changes the contours of your body incredibly quickly.


Facing Beauty Industry Challenges

As a customer

Concerned about privacy, hygiene, inconsistent treatment quality, and the discomfort of being touched by a stranger? The Robosculptor offers a safe and comfortable solution to achieve your aesthetic goals.

As a business

High labor costs and a shortage of skilled labor can make it difficult to provide high-quality care to your clients. The Robosculptor provides a cost-effective solution to grow your business and deliver consistent and efficient treatments.


Solution to the challenges

Introducing the Robosculptor — the revolutionary autonomous robotic system designed to provide precise and comfortable aesthetic treatments for both customers and businesses, addressing industry challenges and delivering exceptional results.

Our Hardware Solution is a fully autonomous system that provides high-quality massage, lymph drainage, and sports massage without a therapist. With its manipulator arm, adjustable couch, and flexible spheres, it constantly monitors and adjusts parameters to ensure comfort and efficacy. 

Our Software Solution is an AI-based system that provides instant body recognition and personalized protocols for tailored treatments. It analyzes the patient’s body position for precision and comfort and has a user-friendly interface for easy operation. The software works in tandem with the hardware to consistently deliver high-quality treatments.

The Robosculptor is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to improve the quality of their aesthetic treatments and for customers looking for a safe and comfortable experience.

Discover the Benefits of Our Robosculptor

Automation of routine movements

Versatile Applications

Consistent Quality

Enhanced Safety

Liberates the skilled specialist

Investment opportunities

Welcome to Beautyliner Group, the innovative company behind

the Robosculptor


years of experience in non-invasive body contouring for aesthetic cosmetology



400+ devices


company valuation

Our mission to streamline the robotic technology that guarantees predictable results, safety and efficacy for professional body treatments. We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Robosculptor. This revolutionary product presents a unique investment opportunity for you to join us in transforming the future of this industry.

Our target market — households, resorts, SPAs, wellness centers, SMB investors, and corporate wellness providers. We have developed tailored marketing strategies that leverage social media, PR, professional exhibitions, conferences, and direct offers to build brand awareness and drive business growth.

Become a part of our journey towards success as an investor with two rounds of funding available

Shape the future of the aesthetic treatments industry with us! 


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