Who is Behind The Robosculptor?

The Robosculptor is powered by a team of highly-skilled engineers, software developers, tech enthusiasts, and visionaries. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to revolutionize the aesthetic treatment industry.

Our determination to create cutting-edge experiences has led us to incorporate AI and innovative engineering in robotics to reshape the body sculpting industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a future where body treatments are predictable, safe, and effective. We aim to achieve this by developing and utilizing advanced robotic technology that meets the highest standards of precision, safety, and reliability.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in tech, development, and medicine dating back to 2006. We have conducted thorough scientific studies that validate the effectiveness and safety of our technology. We have our R&D department, in-house marketing, our own manufacturing capabilities, and an international presence.

We believe that technology should be tested in real-world scenarios to see its impact, and we strive to automate repetitive tasks that can be done better by machines. We focus on software and AI while using innovative hardware to build our products.

Denis Ledenkoff

CEO, founder

BSc in interpreting. Masters 4 languages - English, German, Polish and Russian. Passionate entrepreneur and founder. Managed to create unique atmosphere in the company that appreciates use their best skills in what they like. Likes jamming guitar, snowboarding, windsurfing and squash.

Maxim Gladilov

CTO, co-founder, Solutions-based product development

MSc in Engineering and Photonics, CTO. Innovator and inventor. Author of patents. RnD project manager for over 25 years. I create technology teams that achieve goals. Chief designer of serially produced devices. Likes painting and sculpture, traveling.

Alexander Naumov

PhD in Physics. Author of more than 20 patents and 100 scientific articles. Research interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and distributed sensor systems. Likes reading fiction and writing nursery rhymes.

Vitaly Kurdiuk

Sales and marketing
Head of R&D

Head of R&D. Master of Technology Entrepreneurship, Master of Science in Engineering. Passionate engineer and inventor. Does everything to make the product come to life. Loves traveling with kids, volleyball and basketball.

Yelena Kormilina

Business Development Head of R&D

MBA, GVSU Alumna (Michigan, USA). Multi-skilled team player who navigates the complexities of new markets and bridges cross cultural gaps. Enjoys family trips, horse riding, jogging.

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