AI in healthcare searches skyrocket by over 300% in three years, 10x that of AI safety (

Explosive growth mirrors rising potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize healthcare sector but highlights low public interest in AI safety

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare has been on a meteoric rise, and our analysis of Google search data from 2020 to 2023 reveals an astonishing surge in public interest. The study, conducted by Dataconomy in August 2023, shines a spotlight on the monumental increase of over 300% in AI-related healthcare queries, positioning it as a dominant inquiry within the broader AI landscape.

From a modest 12,100 searches in 2020, the enthusiasm surrounding AI’s role in healthcare has skyrocketed to an impressive 33,100 searches in 2023. This seismic leap signifies a profound shift in public curiosity about AI’s capacity to revolutionize healthcare, with a monthly average of 60,774 searches.

AI and healthcare meet robotics

Integrating AI with robotics has particularly piqued interest in this AI healthcare surge. One company, Robosculptor, which specializes in automated robotic massage systems for aesthetic body contouring, reported a 2X increase in website traffic during the study period.

“There is currently a growing trend of labor shortages and increasing wages, as well as a trend toward improving the efficiency of mechanisms when combined with AI and machine learning,” said Denis Ledenkov, CEO at Robosculptor. “All of this makes it possible to automate processes that were previously inaccessible from a technical, cultural, and organizational perspective. At this point, AI robots enable the expansion of the potential within the health, wellness, and spa industries, making services more accessible regardless of on-site personnel presence. All of this has the potential to reduce service costs by 40% and make those services available and accessible to a larger audience, ultimately increasing business revenue by three to four times.”

Such transformative real-world applications highlight the tangible impact of AI in healthcare and its potential to enhance services, improve accessibility, and drive economic growth.

AI in healthcare vs. safety shows a stark disparity

Despite the genuine interest in AI’s role in healthcare, an equally remarkable trend emerges when comparing it to searches about AI safety. While AI safety queries have surged sixfold over the same three-year span, indicating a growing awareness of ethical and security aspects of AI implementation, they remain a mere fraction, ten times lower than searches for AI in healthcare.

This stark disparity underscores a critical need for public education and awareness regarding the ethical dimensions, data privacy concerns, and potential biases associated with AI. As AI integration into healthcare advances, it becomes increasingly important to strike a balance between harnessing its potential for innovation and addressing the ethical and safety concerns it raises.

AI’s impact beyond healthcare

While AI’s influence has extended to various industries, the healthcare sector’s growth has outpaced them all. Notably, searches for AI in music surged from 4,400 in 2020 to an astonishing 90,500 in 2023, marking a staggering increase of 1956.8%. Similarly, AI’s presence in gaming, banking, and education expanded by 173.6%, 22.2%, and an astonishing 516.7%, respectively.

The surge of interest in AI within healthcare is a testament to its transformative potential. From AI-assisted robotic surgeries and massages to drug discovery, predictive analytics, genomic analysis, and wearable health monitoring devices, the applications of AI within healthcare are boundless. It promises to elevate patient outcomes, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and reshape medical practices.

As AI evolves, healthcare professionals and researchers are poised to harness its potential to advance medical knowledge, optimize treatments, and revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

Responsible development and ethical considerations

While the promise of AI in healthcare is undeniable, experts emphasize the importance of responsible development, ethical considerations, and rigorous regulation. The healthcare industry stands at the cusp of a transformative era, with AI offering innovations that could redefine patient care and medical practices for generations.

The surge in interest in AI’s role in healthcare is a testament to its profound impact on human lives in a world increasingly driven by data and technology. The fusion of cutting-edge technologies with medical science promises a remarkable journey into the future of healthcare.

However, the marked disparity between interest in AI healthcare and AI safety highlights the need for greater public education and awareness about the ethical and safety considerations surrounding AI. As AI continues to shape the future of healthcare, responsible development, and robust ethical frameworks will be paramount in ensuring that these advancements benefit society.


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