Fully Autonomous AI Masseurs : Robosculptor (trendhunter.com)

Robosculptor is an automated robotic system for aesthetic body contouring. This is an AI backed platform to completely automate professional body treatments. The system is able to analyze the human body at very high fidelity and run sessions precisely according to chosen treatment programs. The robot may be enabled to carry various manipulators, with tool loads up to 5kg. This level of adaptability has until now been unavailable and may open new markets in hardware applicators with novel functions. The technology utilized in Robosculptor can transfer to other products that require 3D body positioning with high accuracy and tool movement. Laser hair removal or RF-treatment are prime examples.

Tracking the human body in real time and adjusting treatment protocols is a technical, scientific, and mathematical challenge requiring a next-gen solution. Utilizing 3D cameras, we are able to build a unique 3D model of every patient that can then be stored in a custom metaverse. During treatment the system tracks patient body changes and compares them against the stored metaverse model. This allows for real-time, high fidelity tracking that can reroute instrument trajectories and follow the prescribed treatment model despite patient movements. Robosculptor can be used by multiple audiences including: medical aesthetic clinics, gyms, spas, and wellness centers.


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