Massage robots can triple SPA studios’ income, study shows

Massage robots have the potential to increase SPA studios’ income by three times, while reducing costs of therapy by more than 20%, according to a recent internal study conducted by Robosculptor, the developer of an AI robot used for full body treatments

According to recent research conducted by Robosculptor, the developer of an AI robot used for full-body treatments, replacing human masseuses with technology can guarantee a threefold increase in the revenue of spa salons.

Typically, one masseuse can serve a maximum of six clients per day, with the average session costing $100. This means that a single specialist can bring in $13,200 per month if they work 22 days. After factoring in the specialist’s salary, this translates to a business’s income of approximately $8,000. 

Normally, a salon needs to employ 3 to 4 massage therapists full-time to cover its expenses. However, this becomes challenging in the face of staff shortages, a situation exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Since 2020, when masseuses lost their clients due to lockdowns, many transitioned to other professions. The World Travel and Tourism Council reports a shortfall of over 1.2 million tourism-related jobs in the EU. Consequently, hotels, resorts, and spas are often unable to offer professional massage therapy services to their guests

The solution may lie in the utilization of massage robots. Since the robots do not need breaks or weekends, they can work continuously for hours performing 12 sessions a day throughout the month, generating $36,000 per month. Considering the cost of purchase and maintenance of the device, this results in $32,000 in revenue for a salon. This means installing a massage robot in a salon already staffed with two massage therapists can triple the studio’s overall revenue, according to Robosculptor’s research. At the same time, it reduces costs of the therapy by up to 20 percent. 

Dennis Ledenkof, the founder of Robosculptor, explains, “Our data indicates that the integration of massage robots not only increases studios’ revenue potential but also saves money, which is critical in times of low demand. Augmenting and complementing human-provided services with automated robotic solutions can bridge the gap between supply and demand created by the shortage of specialists. Additionally, it caters to clients who may be hesitant to allow a stranger into their personal space.”

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